Jordan Freeman DAR
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On the 6th of September, 1781, 80 plus men of all colors joined together to unite in battle against a common enemy – the British Army, as led by Benedict Arnold, traitor to the colonies.  The small army was fairly decimated by the British, but the few that survived were led by Colonel William Ledyard to Fort Griswold.  By his side was his freed servant, Jordan Freeman, who remained loyal to his former owner and vowed to fight alongside Colonel Ledyard.  Although all of the men in the fort found themselves faced with overwhelming odds and a very slim chance of success, they were resolved in their belief in the cause and armed themselves as best as they could against the inevitable attack.  With only a few small cannons, rifles with bayonets and pikes, and a limited supply of ammunition, the Patriots were prepared to hold their ground.  To that end and with that determination, it was Jordan Freeman who speared and killed the leader of the attackers, Major Montgomery, as he scaled the walls of the fort.  A battle ensued which was inevitably won by the British, but the taking of Fort Griswold  was not the end of that battle, as the British were humiliated by the losses they had suffered at the hands of so few men.  In an act of retaliation, the British brutally slaughtered those surviving men of the Battle of Groton Heights, including Jordan Freeman.

The strength of character of Jordan Freeman, along with the loyalty, determination, and resolve that he displayed throughout his life, are the reasons that he was selected by the founders of this Chapter of the DAR to be honored with the Jordan Freeman Chapter name.

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Jordan Freeman DAR


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