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Jordan Freeman, born on the 30th of October, 1732, was the third born child of Oxford, a “man of color,” and Temperance, a “biracial woman,” both servants in the house of Richard Lord, Jr., of Lyme, Connecticut.  In 1755, Jordan married Lilly, a servant to Mary Prentice of New London, and the couple remained in that area.

In time, Jordan became a servant to John Ledyard and, subsequently, the body servant of Colonel William Ledyard.  To realize the significance of Jordan Freeman’s actions at the Battle of Groton Heights, it should first be known that Colonel William Ledyard freed Jordan Freeman before the Revolutionary War began.  It was at this point that the relationship between master and servant transformed into one of friendship.  This new friendship led Jordan Freeman to both fight alongside Colonel William Ledyard in the Battle of Groton Heights and, ultimately, to avenge the murder of Colonel Ledyard at the hands of Major Montgomery by spearing and killing the Major as he scaled the walls of Fort Griswold.   It was this heroic act that is commemorated on the plaque at Fort Griswold, an image of which is featured on our website.

There are descendants of Jordan Freeman to this day living in the same area where their brave ancestor lived, fought, and died.

Jordan Freeman’s legacy, as it relates to our Chapter, is multi-layered:

His selfless acts inspire us to be more charitable and giving by engaging more in our communities and helping others.

Jordan’s strength of character has given us the strength of resolve to stand up for our beliefs and promote those of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

His loyalty to his former owner has reminded us of our obligation to each other to provide support and encouragement when, where, and how it is most needed.
Jordan’s dedication and determination to protect and defend our country against its enemy has reminded us of our duties and responsibilities as citizens of the United States of America to respect, honor, and defend not only our country, but also the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the flag which we so proudly wave.

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Jordan Freeman DAR


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